Guy Smith has an uncanny habit of showing up at the crossroads of history. 

He was in Sarajavo during the siege. He was in the White House with President Clinton during the impeachment ordeal. He rode on the first humanitarian relief plane to land in Kabul after 9/11 and a few years later, did the same in Baghdad. Now, at age 69, the Knoxville-bred Democrat with a voice as mellow as Tennessee whiskey wants to be Connecticut's next governor

He Was In Sarajevo During The Siege And Kabul After 9/11. Now Guy Smith Wants to Be Governor.

June 13, 2018

Guy Smith Launches Petition Drive In Governor's Race

May 2, 2018


Former Bill Clinton adviser Guy Smith has put into motion his petition drive to get onto the Democratic primary ballot for governor. The one-time Diageo and AmeriCares executive from Greenwich is doing it with far less fanfare than fellow Democrat Joe Ganim, however...

Forum: Stopping the sale of semiautomatic assault rifles without passing a law

April 12, 2018


Working together with businesses, community leaders and youth activists, we can achieve the change that huge majorities of Americans want. This is how we must move Connecticut forward — with third way solutions that solve intractable problems.

Just think, those credit cards in your wallet are a major solution to the scourge of semiautomatic assault weapons in American society...

Some candidates for governor will skip the party conventions

April 12, 2018


Democrat Guy Smith announced this week he plans to collect signatures from roughly 15,500 registered Democrats, or 2 percent of the total number of registered Democrats in the state. Petitioning Republican candidates also must meet the 2 percent rule... 

Finance Reports Show Wealthy Businessmen Are Pouring Their Cash Into Outsider Gubernatorial Bids

April 12, 2018


Two retired businessmen running for governor are infusing their campaigns with hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money as they seek to petition their way onto the Republican and Democratic primary ballots, according to new campaign finance filings...

Guy Smith will shun “rigged” Democratic convention

April 10, 2018


Smith’s campaign on Tuesday reported a total of $302,606 raised, with a balance of $154,816 heading into the final month before the Democratic state convention in Hartford. Since he is not attempting to qualify for the state’s public-financing program, Smith is allowed to collect as much as $3,500 from individual contributors, who in all, have given the retired Diageo executive $102,606...

Guy Smith: Connecticut Should Push Banks To Get Out Of The Gun Business

March 23, 2018


Frustrated by the intractable gun control debate in Congress, Guy Smith, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate, says Connecticut leaders should be pressing major financial institutions to stop doing business with companies that sell assault weapons.

Smith wants to see credit card companies like Mastercard and Visa change their terms of service to prohibit any of their merchants from selling the weapons, effectively forcing the businesses to change their inventory or cease accepting credit cards as a form of payment.


Democrats challenged to prove they are electable

March 11, 2018


Fairfield — It was more a job interview, less a debate. Two skeptical Democrats poked and prodded seven Democratic gubernatorial contenders on stage at a regional forum Sunday that opened with a pointed question about the candidates’ electability and ended with an insistent demand they identify their greatest political vulnerability.


Greenwich gov candidate works to build support

February 5, 2018


GREENWICH — With the field for the governor’s race growing ever larger, Greenwich resident Guy Smith got a chance to make his case for the office to potential supporters Thursday night.

The Democratic businessman and former Clinton adviser pressed the flesh and talked issues at Blackstone’s Steakhouse.

“We’re very encouraged and very energized by the reaction we’ve been getting from everybody,” said Smith, who announced his candidacy last month. “I’ve been in churches and muni halls and candidate forums all over the state. I’ve taken some pretty strong positions like not raising taxes and on tolls.”


The 'Guy' running for Connecticut governor has Knoxville ties

January 23, 2018


Guy L. Smith IV, who has the name of his grandfather, the late Tennessee Republican leader and Knoxville Journal editor, is running for governor of Connecticut as a Democrat and former spokesman for the Democratic Clintons.

He said his evolution of becoming a Democrat from being an East Tennessee Republican has come over time and in different jobs, opportunities and communities. The Republican Party today is not the political party that his grandfather knew, in the first half of the last century, he said in an interview Tuesday.

Greenwich Democrat Announces Gubernatorial Candidacy

January 10, 2018


GREENWICH, CT — Guy Smith, a Greenwich resident and former executive with Diageo and AmeriCares, announced his gubernatorial candidacy this week to replace Gov. Dannel Malloy, and he joins an already crowded field of hopefuls.

In a release marking his entrance into the race, Smith, a Democrat, said that he is seeking the state's highest elected office "with the promise to promote Connecticut—promote and create jobs, promote and expand the state's economy, and make sure all citizens throughout the state can live, work, and thrive."


2 more Democrats jump into gubernatorial race

January 10, 2018


Guy Smith, a former executive at Diageo in Norwalk and an advisor to both Bill and Hillary Clinton at various times over the past several years announced his candidacy at the Reginald Mayo Early Childhood School in New Haven Tuesday


Guy Smith Announces Candidacy for Governor of Connecticut

January 9, 2018


NEW HAVEN, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Democrat Guy Smith, a Greenwich resident (, announced that he is running for Governor of Connecticut today at the Dr. Reginald Mayo Early Childhood School. Smith is running for Governor with the promise to promote Connecticut—promote and create jobs, promote and expand the state’s economy, and make sure all citizens throughout the state can live, work, and thrive.

Smith is also running to protect its citizens from policies and programs imposed by the Trump-Republicans that are designed to hurt people, especially the people of Connecticut.