Gun Control

A Creative Solution to Gun Control

Connecticut leads the nation in fighting for sensible gun regulations to keep our communities and families safe.  But guns and shooters do not stop at state lines and we are only as safe as those citizens from states with the weakest gun laws until we find a national solution.  The Smith Gun Plan halts the sale of semi-automatic assault rifles across the US without requiring one law being passed.  The proposal calls for the State of Connecticut to demand major banks and credit card companies to change their terms of service and no longer allow transactions for these weapons designed for the theater of war.  The plan further proposes working with like-minded other states to leverage their shared financial power to form shareholder activism efforts to further put pressure on financial institutions to stop the sale of semiautomatic assault rifles. Smith gave testimony and proposed this plan as an amendment to the Connecticut House Bill No. 5540 and No. 5542 before the Judiciary Committee.