Equity in CT

Equal Pay

The idea that someone’s gender can limit their financial security is reprehensible to Guy, and he categorically supports equal pay for women.  His administration will work with corporations, firms that do business with the State of CT and small companies to move the full and immediate equity in pay to for men and women.   


Smith firmly believes in women’s reproductive rights and keeping the government out of a woman’s access to family planning.

Supporting Families

Guy believes government has a role in strengthening families and giving all children an equal chance in life.  Guy supports Universal PreK, paid maternity leave and increasing access to affordable childcare. 

Guy has championed diversity and inclusion throughout his business career and he will never stop.  We have made remarkable progress on LGBTQ rights in recent times but the Trump-Republicans are trying to erode this with a hateful and divisive agenda.  Guy will fight to keep that out of our state and roundly condemned this hateful rhetoric contributing to Justice Andrew McDonald's nomination as Chief Justice for the CT State Supreme Court not being taken forward. 



Guy will stand up to the unconscionable Trump-Republican immigration agenda and policies.  Guy will work to strengthen the Connecticut Trust Law to protect immigrants in our communities.  

We need prison reforms to continue and incorporate the training, education and support the formerly-incarcerated need to obtain jobs that exist in the communities they will be reentering. 

Second Chances