Energy & Environment

More than half the land in Connecticut is covered by forest and we have over 330 miles of beautiful beaches.  Our citizens enjoy and cherish the diverse natural resources of Connecticut.  Guy will fight for the sustainable management of these natural resources for the next generation. A Smith administration will work to increase the public access and accessibility of our state parks and recreation facilities for all of our citizens. 

Our Great Outdoors

Climate Change

Climate change is a very real threat in our coastal state.  Guy will fight the Trump-Republicans' disastrous policies and EPA leadership that threatens our environment for our children and their children.  Connecticut - as part of the Climate Alliance - joined other U.S. states in a pledge to adhere to the Paris Climate Accord and make the right policy and planning decisions for a sustainable future for our planet.   

Energy options 

Connecticut has the third highest energy costs in the country -- even more than New York, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island. Our state’s primary energy utility, Eversource, just received a massive 14% tax cut from Trump Republicans. Guy Smith expects that 14% savings to be passed directly on to Connecticut consumers and used to promote green energy in CT.  Guy will increase the State of Connecticut's energy independence by 20% over the next four years with green solutions including solar, wind and geothermal.