The way out of the problems Connecticut faces is growth.  Economic Growth. Population Growth. A Smith Administration will be one of ideas and creative solutions: incentivizing big business to stay -- with guaranteed long-term benefits for our state; increasing small and medium business access to the capital they need to expand and create jobs; and by providing opportunities for young people and old alike to attain and maintain home ownership right here in the Nutmeg State.


There are abandoned empty buildings across Connecticut. Guy will equip them as modern office and research space, including high-speed internet & telecom access, and create start-up incubators in five locations across the state. A mixture of urban and rural incubators will offer free office space to startup businesses for the first two years and a tax break for up to five years for those companies that are creating jobs. This low-cost initiative will create hubs of tech innovation and attract young people and entrepreneurs to our state.

Recruit Millennials: Reverse the Brain Drain

Smith’s Administration will create a targeted millennial recruitment program to attract the younger generation to our beautiful state, send their kids to our excellent schools, and enrich our vibrant communities. Along with his job creation initiatives and start-up incentives, Guy's plan will attract young people by offering a first time home-buyer tax credit and offer that same credit to any CT resident who is a first time buyer. Bringing more people into home ownership will help stabilize the local property tax base in rural, suburban, and inner city communities, and create new streams of state & local tax revenue.