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Guy Smith has lived on the same street in Connecticut for 35 years. He is a successful businessman, life-long humanitarian, and a dedicated family man.

He has spent his life delivering results. And he’s just getting going.

Smith began his career working for anti-poverty group Appalachian Regional Commission and later his humanitarian work continued with AmeriCares, a global relief organization based in Connecticut. Guy served as their Vice-Chairman where he planned and executed various emergency response relief missions around the world.

Guy found success in the business world as a senior executive in two global corporations - most recently for 17 years at Diageo, one of the world’s biggest beverage companies where he helped manage an annual budget larger than the State of Connecticut's. He continued his commitment to global disaster relief throughout his career - marshaling corporate support and donating his time and expertise.  In fact, Guy was on the first civilian relief plane to land in Haiti after the massive earthquake to deliver much needed food and medical supplies.

Smith has served in the highest level of the United States Government as Special Advisor to President Bill Clinton, and Special Advisor to Candidate Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign in 2016. 

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